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Our Story

The land which Crann Og rests on has been stewarded by Marion & Flor for the past 30 years or so.  It began as a field; bogland.  Over the years, and with the help of countless friends, volunteers, and community members, it has become a small-scale eco-farm that supports the life of 10 or more humans, as well as a great many animal and plant species. 

Over the years, Crann Og has taken many forms. At first, it was home to a small family, living simply and conserving resources.  Over time, the garden grew, many trees were planted, and structures were built. For many years, it was home to an abundance of WWOOFers and volunteers, who helped to build up the garden, more community structures on the land, fences, pathways, etc.  For a while, Crann Og ran a very busy eco-tourism business, welcoming individuals, families and groups to the farm for lodging, camping, retreats and workshops. 


In the past couple of years, we have moved away from the eco-tourism business, and aimed instead towards tending our own personal and communal health & well-being, as well as the health & well-being of the land we live on.  As you may have guessed, operating and maintaining an eco-farm is a lot of work!  Our intention is to refine our way of living in a way that is truly sustainable for us, so that we may continue to be a place where people can learn, connect, relax, play, and experience something that is healthy, beautiful, and beneficial to all life. 

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Who we are

We are a community of humans who are doing our best to contribute to a better world.  We are builders, gardeners, artists, farmers, yoga teachers, parents, martial artists, coaches, mentors, musicians, students, facilitators, guides, herbalists, neighbours, community activists, youth workers, and children.  

We do our best to support each other in navigating our daily lives.  On our good days, we remember to slow down, and enjoy the simple joys around us.  We love our animals.  We take care of the forest. We grow things; and we try to grow ourselves.  We work hard, we struggle, we get stressed out, and we make mistakes.  We understand the value of community.  We love our children, and our grandchildren, and we wish for them to grow up picking fruit from the branches of the trees they climb, and knowing the simple pleasure of their hands in the soil. 


What we are about

Crann Og is a place that was built out of love and respect for nature.  The farm and garden are inspired by permaculture, which has three main ethics: Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share.  We do our best to tread lightly on the Earth, not to take more than we need, and to give back more than we take.  We prioritise regeneration of the land, and operate organically.  We try to model and teach nature awareness skills, and how to use nature as a teacher and healer.  We want to live less in the head, and more in the body and heart, grounded with our feet on Earth.  We want to slow down, detox from the digital society, connect to what really matters, and enjoy the life we have been given. And we want to help others do this as well. 

We are community-minded; we want to live together in reciprocity, in mutually beneficial ways, and supporting each others' growth.  We are interested in promoting some of the old ways, and living by the cycles of the seasons and the natural world.  We want to work together, and develop creative models for community networking and support.

We are always working towards self-sufficiency, and independence from the industrial growth society and consumerism.  We re-use and upcycle as much as we can.  We hope to carry and import lost ancestral arts and practical skills, like growing food, woodworking, natural crafts, tending the land, foraging, plant medicine, and a connection to animals.  We value learning and growth, and aspire to offer that to others. 

We value freedom. We value health. We value each other. We value the planet we live on. We value the ones who came before us, and the ones who are yet to come. 

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