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Community Workshops
& Skill-shares

Whenever we can, we try to work, learn, and play together.  

Sometimes, things need to get done, and it's more fun when you invite your neighbours!  Plus, people have a chance to learn and practice something new, and we all get a chance to bond, socialise, and build relationships. In Irish, we call this a "Meitheal."  You could also call it a work party!

Sometimes we offer workshops for the community which are enjoyable and benefit us all. 

All of these events are either free, based on some sort of exchange, donation-based, or gift economy.  

Many are seasonal and depend on what cycles the natural world is in; how things are growing, and when they need to get planted or harvested. 

The state of the world also determines what is offered; when a certain thing is needed for the wider community, we try to offer it. 

You can see some of our usual events, skillshares, and workshops here. 

PLEASE DROP US A LINE if you are interested in participating in the future. We will add you to the community mailing list and let you know when we schedule such events! 
Drop us a line (or subscribe to the mailing list below!) to be kept in the loop about future events!

Learn to cut, weave, and tend a living willow fence.  Take home willow cuttings to grow your own trees, start a willow hedge, or use it for weaving, building, & crafts! 


Learn about planting trees, help restore native ecosystems, get your hands dirty and feel good about what you're doing!  You might even get to take a tree home with you!

food foraging.jpeg

Learn the joyful art of identifying, harvesting, and preparing wild food from the local landscape! 

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