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Groups at Crann Og

Are you part of a company, group, or team that could benefit or grow from a new experience together?  Almost all of our offerings at Crann Og can be tailored and designed for specific groups. These activities support team-building, cohesion, authenticity, trust, depth, honesty, creativity, inspiration, and bonding within groups.  These activities also help prevent burnout, and offer restorative, collaborative, inspirational experiences for any type of group. 

Group activities can be designed for a few hours, a full day, or longer, depending on the intentions and needs. Please get in touch to discuss or make a booking! 


Group bookings are available for corporate groups, organisations, community groups and more.  They can be tailored to meet your needs. Below are some options for group activities. One particular activity may suit your group, or you may wish to combine and include several. Please contact us if you have other ideas for your group! 

Some titles can be clicked for further info and links. 


Group workshops or retreats can vary in time and structure. Groups will need to provide their own food. Lodging is not available, so multi-day experiences will require transport to and from.  We require waiver forms signed by all participants. 

Some activity options depend upon seasonal limitations. All activities are subject to availability of facilitators.

Please contact us for more information. Please include your group information, and what you are interested in creating for your group. 

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